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Education - Courses - Coaching

The first word which was sent by Allah to Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) in Quran is Irqa, which means “Read”. Hence the beginning of Islam is through education. Unfortunately, today Muslims are one of the most backward in terms of education across the world.

Education is super easy. With proper guidance and focus. One can prosper and also help others. We have undertaken an initiative to educate the people with our quick training system. We will teach methods, which will help you students to learn quickly and achieve good ranks and breakthrough entrance exams.

We suggest, you connect your kids with our team. Rest all, we will take care of them. You will not need any tutions or high fee schools. We will take care of the rest. Our tuition fees starts from just Rs. 500/- per month.

We provide tuition for Indians, NRI’s and foreigners too. Students joining our tuition will get personality growth and they will not only excel in Education, but also in other activities like games, skills, employment and business.

Note: We recommend not to admit your children in schools until 5 years. In countries like USA & Germany, they do not accept students below 5 years in schools. Because, that is the right time for kids brain to grow.

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