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You are currently viewing How to stop girls from inter-religion or inter-caste marriages ?

How to stop girls from inter-religion or inter-caste marriages ?

Assalamualaikum! For a few days, there are a lot of posts on social media from Muslims and Non-Muslims about protecting girls from inter-religion marriages. They are saying like, if you do not properly monitor your girls, they will run away with boys of other religions. Girls running away with boys of other religions is not a mistake of girls. It’s the mistake of the community which is not following Allah’s command.
A simple solution to this problem is to get them married at the age of 18 years which is the legal age according to the government of India. Start planning their marriage from the age of 15 years. This will stop the girls from thinking about other guys. This same principle is true for people of other religions too. If you want to stop your girls from marrying inter-religion, inter-caste. Simply marry them early. But do not blame girls for their acts, it’s not their mistake. It’s the responsibility of parents to safeguard their children who are influenced by their natural state of feelings and emotions. As they reach the state of puberty. The same case is with the boys.
Girls should be given every right to study even after marriage. It is possible and there are many girls who have completed higher education after marriage.

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