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Investments can grow your income rapidly, only if made in proper businesses. A business, with proper plan, experienced team and guidance from experts. Today, choosing a proper Halal Investment In India which gives halal earnings has become a bit complicated. People without proper education and experience are taking investments, promising unimaginable returns and then struggling to handle business and going bankrupt.

Here at Indian Muslims group, we have educated and sincere team. Which believes in building long-term and beneficial projects for the community and help get consistent returns. Our team has already managed crores of investments and do not budge to money. To us, Allah is first and then everything else. Every penny you invest, is utilized in proper way to help you get maximum returns. We are a team, which fear in the matter of even one rupee as it shall be questioned by Allah.

With over 20 years of experience. Our team is well verse in all aspects of business, from business plan, registration, to brand building, operations, marketing and taxation. We are already helping many startups to build new projects and grow revenue. We invest in businesses, which can give upto 10% margin in business. Please note this is not interest based and purely depends on profit/losses earned.

We are looking for mature investors, who will build a long term relationship of decades with us. If you are in a hurry burry and change your decisions quickly, then this investment is not for you.