• “The honest and trustworthy merchant will be with the prophets, the truthful, and the martyrs.”

    Source: Sunan al-Tirmidhī 1209

    Alhamdulillah hum har hafta continue profits derahe hai.. 2 months mey 15 investor sey Jud chuke hai.. and 5 jobs banaye hai.. aap bhi hamare sath judkar acha profit banasakte hai inshallah
    ht…Read More

  • Oh Muslims! Let’s join together and develop good infrastructure for our Muslims. Invest & Donate in our projects to benefit the ummah on larger scale. We assure you, our team is highly educated, hardworking, genuine and fear Allah. Every penny will be used properly and for larger benefit. Support our startup plans. Connect with us on…Read More

  • Assalamualaikum

    Many brothers and sisters are struggling to find jobs or do business. In this article, I want to help such people who are in need of Halal Job or looking to start Halal Business or do Halal Investment. I can help starting business or getting a job in almost any industry (for serious candidates). This article is more about…Read More

  • A muslim is born to help others..

  • Assalamualaikum! Wish you all a happy Republic Day. On this day, the Indian constitution came into effect in the year 1950. #RepublicDay #republicday2023 #indianmuslims

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