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    Many brothers and sisters are struggling to find jobs or do business. In this article, I want to help such people who are in need of Halal Job or looking to start Halal Business or do Halal Investment. I can help starting business or getting a job in almost any industry (for serious candidates). This article is more about showing practical methods of earning, rather than regular guidance related articles, who give no clue about how to earn in the end.

    But here, I want to share some quick and easy methods, where you can start working from your home. Earning is one of the important aspects of Islam. Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) said, which means “The person who earns to support his parents, children and provide sufficiently for them, then he is in the path of Allah”. [At-Ṭabarānī in his three Maʿājim (Itḥāf 6:252)]. This is the importance of the person who earns for his family.

    And what is the importance for the person who does Business ? Creates employment and provides good services for the Ummah. The Prophet ﷺ said, “The honest merchant is raised on Judgment Day with the truthful and the martyrs.” [At Tirmidhi]

    So, while earning itself is like fighting in the path of Allah, doing business truthfully gets the status of martyrs. Muslims today, should understand the importance of both Halal Jobs and Halal Business. This two things are going to build the strong and powerful community. There are some Muslims who say, money is not everything, if Allah wishes he will give us what ever we deserve. It’s true, but you also should understand without money, you can’t do anything and its a source of sustenance (azbab) in the world.

    I have read the life of Khalid Bin Walid (raz). The most powerful commander ever born on this earth. When Khalid Bin Walid (raz) led expeditions and was conquering the world. He always believed that money is not anything. He took away his soldiers without any proper aid from the khalifa. This was his emaan. But, while he was in the path of Allah, he never sat peacefully and made arrangements for the food for his soldiers. He would send his people in groups to find food and make arrangements for proper stay and food. (These are the real teachings of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)).

    So today, Muslims should focus on proper earnings for self. And if you have sufficient, then you should focus on doing business. Because it will create more employment and help Ummah in better way. Muslims should reach such a stage in business and administration, where they are capable to challenge world powers.

    InshaAllah in my next posts, I will try to write about some easy methods of doing halal jobs and halal business from your home. Before closing this post, I would give a basic glimpse of what can be done. While you can handle even large scales businesses from home, in todays era of digital ease. We will start discussing from small things. Like freelancing. In this article I will try to explore how one can do freelancing by their skills or learning some basis. IF you need any personal assistance, you can directly message me. JazakAllah

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