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Indian Muslims is a group formed by truthful and educated Muslims, which represent the true teachings of Islam. The aim of creating Indian Muslims group is to spread true version of Islam and remove the misconceptions about Islam. Our group is apolitical and do not represent any political party, religious sect or a section of people. Neither do we promote any such related activity nor encourage our members.

We believe in Allah, and the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) is the last messenger. We follow the life as guided by Prophet Mohammed (pbuh), and follow the footsteps of rightly guided caliphs Abu Bakr, Umar, Osman & Ali (raz). Following the teachings of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh), we respect all the religions equally and value every human being irrespective of religion, caste or race. Islam is a religion of peace, and we denounce any form of extremism and terrorism.

We promote education, employment and business opportunities which shall empower the society and strengthen our country. We will provide free guidance who are willing to explore opportunities irrespective of religion. Education & Empowerment is every individuals right and it cannot be restricted to limited people.

1. Islam is the first religion which declared all human beings are equal, irrespective of religion, color or race. And thus shall be treated equally.

2. Islam is the first religion which declared killing of girls impermissible and gave rights and protection to women.

3. A true Muslim is someone, who respects every individual irrespective of their religion. And stands forefront to safe guard the respect and trust of the people.

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