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Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) – The Perfect Economist

When the companions of Allah’s Messenger Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam reached Madina after Hijrat, they were empty-handed. And then the society which was founded by the Messenger of Allah became so wealthy in just fifty years that no one was found to take Zakat.

The reason was that he had made farmers (Ansar of Madina), traders (Mahajirs of Mecca) and laborers (slaves like Hazrat Salman Farsi) brothers among themselves and build the relationship. It was such a society which was complete in itself, in this the supplier was also the same and the consumer was also the same.

Never controlled the price of essential commodities, despite not banning the traders from charging the asking price, keep persuading them to keep the prices reasonable. wanted him to continue trading without fear.

He was Keeping an eye on the market but didn’t interfere. The prophet (pbuh) once saw a trader who was selling wet wheat by showing dry wheat. He did not punish him, and only said that, the one who cheats us is not one of us. The impact of his sayings could not have been replaced by any punishment.

There is a need to understand the economy of the time of Allah’s Messenger Sallallallaho Alaihe Wasallam, it proves that Nabi Karim Sallallallaho Alaihe Wasallam was also a successful economist.

– Aejaz Ansari Qadri

Today, Indian Muslims effort is to remove misconceptions about money from Muslims. Many think money is fitna. In fact economy which is built on money shows the strength of any community. The whole purpose of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) was to make a Muslim better in terms of deen, relationships, wealth, helping the poor and every other aspect of life. A person cannot be powerful, by being a poor. Hence, every Muslim is encouraged to do business and earn more money in halal way.

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