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What Is Halal Crowdfunding ?

Crowdfunding is the process of funding a business project by raising small amounts from large number of people. This helps companies to raise the investments quickly and build profitable business. Crowdfunding is done in initial stages of projects to raise the capital. The investment is raised from the like minded people who come together to develop beneficial projects.

IndianMuslims.Co.In is looking forward to build beneficial business and educational projects for the society. Thus we are approaching like minded Muslims who wish to earn genuine profits and build good business models for the society. Our top priority is to ensure safety of the investments and secure hard earn money of our investors.

We encourage Indian Muslims, to join hands with us and empower the Muslim community in India. We are a team of highly educated, non political, non extremist and peace loving people. Who are working to unite people of all religions and work towards progress of Muslim community.

If you are interested to join hands with our cause, please whatsapp here

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