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Why should you invest/donate in Indian Muslims Group?

If you are interested in transforming the fate of Indian Muslims. Then read this article and join hands with us. Your intentions will be fulfilled with out hard work. InshaAllah

Indian Muslims Group

Everyone loves their hard earned money. And you should definitely love it, because you have worked very hard and Allah has rewarded you with wealth. Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) said, “Whoever is killed in defense of his wealth is a martyr.” (Sahih AT-Tirmidi)

However, this wealth is given to you by Allah. There are many other people who work harder than you. But they do not enjoy the wealth you have. The best gratitude you can pay to Allah is by utilizing your wealth properly. InshaAllah by investing/donating with Indian Muslims Group. You will grow your wealth and also earn Sawab-E-Jariyah.

Our aim is to educate Indian Muslims and make them powerful leaders who lead their life with the highest standard of respect and values. In this world, a person can live peacefully only when he has resources to earn and feed his family. This is a universal truth. Almost all scholars have a consensus that earning halal for your family is a second important fardh (obligation) after Salah.

Our Experience & Intentions

Indian Muslims is a group formed by educated professionals in the field of Islam & World Studies. We are humble to acknowledge that we have an in-depth understanding of Islam which was descended to Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) and the one which his companions followed and the majority of Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamah Scholars follow till today. We are an apolitical and peace loving group, which follow the true teachings of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) and denounce any kind of extremism or using Quran & Hadith according to our benefits.

Muslims in India are going through tough situations because of improper guidance and leadership. The people who have Islamic Knowledge are unable to understand the worldly affairs properly. And the people who have knowledge of worldly affairs are unable to understand the concept of Islam. This is happening because people have started to differentiate Islam from worldly affairs. Whereas in reality both go hand to hand. For example, Imam Abu Hanifa was one of the richest businessmen in his times along with being one of the greatest Imams. Hence, it is high time that Muslims understand that both Money and Islam go hand in hand.

The Change Will Come Through Teachings Of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)

It is an undeniable fact that Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) was the greatest reformer who transformed the world’s most irrelevant people to the most influential people. This power of transformation is still present in the Quran & Hadith. The only thing missing is the implementation.

Indian Muslims Group is an attempt to make Muslims powerful again. It doesn’t mean you need to fight someone in order to become powerful. You have to simply follow today’s rules of governance and be in an influential position. This can be done by simply following three rules (i) Proper Education (ii) Good Job or Business (iii) Truthful Political Influence (In this best interest of people and not personal growth). We can develop all these three aspects, if we have proper financial sources. And the financial sources can be from three sources (i) Investments (ii) Donations (iii) Income Generation 

The need of the hour is to generate proper income sources to fulfill our plans of Empowering Indian Muslims. Indian Muslims can be empowered by Building Socially Responsible Projects. The two important projects which are an immediate requirement are (i) Business Units & (ii) Technical Training Centers. Business units are necessary to create employment and income sources. Whereas Technical Training Centers are required to train the youth and get them hired for proper employment positions or business. Once we establish these two projects, the second priority is to establish Educational Institutions and Medical Support Centers.

Establishing Business & Education Is Important Obligation Of Islam

In order to establish Business Units & Training Centers, we need initial investments and donations. By investing you will earn profits and by donating Allah will give you the reward in Akhirah. We are not asking you to donate huge amounts. We are just asking you to donate what is obligatory on you and what is requested from you. The investments will earn you halal profits. And the donations will be utilized to build long term projects for the poor. 

Every year you donate 2.5% of Zakat from your wealth. You distribute it to some known and unknown people and within 10 days, they spend their zakat money. The proper utilization of Zakat Money is to build beneficial projects for the Ummah. Where the poor can be educated and proper employment sources can be built. Thus, instead of giving your zakat money to some random people. We request you to donate that money to the Indian Muslims Group. We will utilize this money to build proper education and income sources for the poor people. And all the benefits these people and their future generations get from the education and jobs will become sawab e jariyah for you. Which will benefit you until the day of judgment. Same is the case with Sadaqah. Today, Muslims are distributing their wealth among less known people and mostly beggars and wasting it. If we gather all our Muslims wealth and utilize it for common cause, we will become a powerful community. In our experience, we have seen all other communities follow these principles and empower their youth by giving scholarships and business support. Only Muslims lack this kind of empowerment system, which was actually taught by Prophet Mohammed (pubh).

Islam doesn’t encourage you to donate all your wealth either. It’s your wealth and your family should enjoy it. Narrated Sa’d (raziallahu-anhu), “Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) visited me at Mecca while I was ill. I said to the Prophet, “I have property; May I bequeath (donate) all my property in Allah’s Cause?” The Prophet said, “No.” I said, “Half of it?” Prophet said, “No.” I said, “One third of it?” The Prophet said, “One-third (is alright), yet it is still too much, for you’d better leave your inheritors wealthy than leave them poor, begging from others. Whatever you spend will be considered a Sadaqa for you, even the mouthful of food you put in the mouth of your wife. Anyhow Allah may let you recover, so that some people may benefit from you and others will be harmed by you.”

Hence, we invite you to join hands with us for a collective cause. Your investments and donations will get you sawab e jariyah on larger scale inshaAllah. We are raising investments and donations now. InshaAllah once we collect reasonable amounts to build proper projects, we will start implementing them and keep our supporters updated. We will not use a single penny for self promotion or personal benefits. Every rupee will be utilized for the benefit of ummah in a sensible way and without causing hindrance to any of the stakeholders.